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Already qualified with PADI or another agency? Great! Join us!

It’s easy for qualified divers to dive with East Anglian Branch 11. Whether you want to hone your dive skills, progress your training or just go diving.

Joining East Anglian Branch 11 could be a great way to maintain and develop your scuba skills. We also have a great programme of diving trips, holidays and social events for you to get involved with and meet regularly on the first Tuesday of each month at Heathlands Social Club in Blofield Heath. Why not pop by and meet the members?

If you have a recognised qualification, you do not need to complete a cross-over course or any further training (unless you choose to!,) to join our club. Whether you are trained for commercial, military or recreational diving, all are welcome. Perhaps have never dived in the UK before or haven’t dived for a few seasons and need to refresh your skills. All are very welcome – please join us.

If you did wish to progress your training to gain additional diving skills with us then we can offer many BSAC Skills Development Courses and diver qualifications – all recognised worldwide.

Benefits for already trained divers:

Benefits for already trained divers:

  • Access to club diving – the club has a compressor, 2 RIBs and access to a pool
  • Access to great quality and value training
  • Programme of diving trips, holidays and socials
  • Theory lectures are free to attend
  • Our nationally qualified instructors are volunteers
Join us today!

Scuba Divers wanted – Social Media video from BSAC on Vimeo.

What will it cost?

You would need to join BSAC for £65.00 and pay our branch fees of £105.00, if you are Nitrox qualified then there is an extra payment of £65.00. If you would like to progress your training, then a training pack will cost around £40. Going diving has never been such great value!

Please note that family, junior and student membership costs are lower.

For a typical days diving on one of our club boats it will cost you around £25.00 to £30.00 per day. This costs includes £10.00 to the club, share of launch fee and share of fuel used on the day.

Thinking of joining us? Come and say hello!
We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at Heathland Community Centre in Blofield Heath.

Get in touch to arrange a visit

Contact us to arrange a visit or to come diving with us! Find out where East Anglian Branch 11 could take your diving and social life!

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